Systems Monitoring


Your systems need to run at all hours of the day without disruption, so you can get the best from everyone in your organisation. Preventative Maintenance is the best way to ensure continuous uptime and minimise the risk of downtime during the working day.

At BlueCube we employ the latest software monitoring technologies to alert us of any issues which have the potential to become problems. If a key service or server has an issue, we will be notified automatically and will address the situation and resolve the issue, thus preventing it from becoming an interfering problem. Maintaining your system infrastructure is made simple by using our software monitoring services, which also lets us view and update your system software, as well as automate patching, security releases and much more. We apply hardware firmware updates and others, keeping your hardware in line with manufacturer’s recommendations.

  • Pro-active Monitoring, Response & Maintenance
  • Centrally Managed and Scheduled Patch Management
    • Microsoft updates and patches
    • Third Party software application updates and patches
  • Security Releases
  • Firmware Updates

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