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IT services can be seen by many financial managers as a grudge purchase that is expensive and that comes without much tangible benefit other than keeping the computers running.  Although this is not the case, it is easy to see why someone who is focused on the outputs of their own business, might not consider the benefits to having a professional IT Managed Services Provider. Let’s look at 4 key benefits that using a quality provider can do for your business.


Reduced Downtime

Ageing IT components can cause unnecessary delays and downtime within your organisation, which could be leading to significant costs or revenue loss each year.  Preventative maintenance of existing IT infrastructure equipment is proven to reduce downtime of such equipment.

Downtime = Opportunity Cost & Revenue Loss

Automatic monitoring of IT infrastructure, as well as having comprehensive security measures in place and up-to-date, are crucial elements in preventing issues becoming problems which can develop into downtime.

A professional IT Managed Service Provider will implement all these measures with the specific goal of preventing downtime to ensure your employees can always keep working uninterrupted.


Enhanced Skillset

Your IT Managed Service Provider comes with much more than the skillset to support the infrastructure in place.  By partnering with an IT Managed Service Provider your business will be supported by a team of specialists with a wide variety of skillsets, of professional knowledge and of experience across industry sectors.  This experience of other industry sectors can bring a fresh look at the how and the why of your existing IT infrastructure, and lead to operational efficiencies previously unknown.

An IT Managed Service Provider is always up-to-date and aware of developments and enhancements in the IT sector which can bring benefits to your business.


Outsourced IT Support

An IT Managed Service Provider can give you a professional helpdesk feature for logging tickets and for getting on site technicians to resolve problems with user workstations, printers and servers. A Helpdesk Ticketing system enables the tracking of support tickets to ensure the end user is always aware of the status of their ticket.

This will also provide valuable insight into the causes of tickets and pinpoint potential weaknesses in the existing infrastructure, configuration or user awareness.

Allied with effective monitoring solutions, a professional helpdesk can pre-empt potential problems by dealing with alerts and issues as they arise, even before users are aware of them.



The benefits of increasing user productivity, IT uptime and reduced IT costs are many, but the culmination of them altogether will result in your company reducing costs and increasing profits.

Having an IT Managed Service Provider looking after your IT infrastructure will prove much more cost-effective than either having an in-house IT Specialist, or indeed another employee who ‘looks after the IT’. This will be evident when a return on investment calculation is made which factors in not just the tangible costs, but also the less intangible costs of Opportunity Cost and Downtime.

Partnering with the right IT Managed Service Provider can certainly reduce your costs and increase your bottom line.


What’s Next?

Contact the Sales Team at BlueCube today to find out how you can book an onsite assessment for your business and see how easy it is to get started on modernising, streamlining and improving the quality of your Information Technology systems within your organisation. It has never been easier to get world class IT support from a locally based solution provider.

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